German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)

[Foto. Christian Bargon/Bildkraftwerk]
[Foto. Christian Bargon/Bildkraftwerk]
Browsergame „Max & Flocke: Jagd auf Dr. Superschreck“
Notfall-Informations- und Nachrichten-App des Bundes

In July 2019, the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) began distributing over 300 emergency vehicles to the various German states as additional equipment. An annual budget of 78 million euros has been set for this for 2019 and the next three years. Future technologies and technical advancements in hazard control, civil protection and disaster management play a key role in keeping the population safe. The BBK was thus particularly pleased to be able to present the new MB Atego 1327 AF disaster management fire engine at booth G-14 in Hall 3. Based on the BBK’s design specifications, the vehicle was equipped with a fire-fighting system for civil-protection scenarios as per a plan devised in conjunction with Rosenbauer, and provides all the equipment necessary for combating such incidents. This is in line with the BBK’s legal task to provide additional support for the individual states’ fire and disaster management mechanisms.

Booth visitors were also given insights into the BBK’s work. And a series of interesting info materials, such as the latest edition of the civil management magazine, a guide on preparing for emergencies and how to act in emergency situations, and the ‘Max & Flocke’ training materials specially designed for primary-school students, were another source of information for visitors.

Anyone wanting to themselves slip into the role of the two comic-book heroes could do so by playing the interactive ‘Max & Flocke: The hunt for Dr Superschreck’ browser game (, which served as an interactive tutorial for learning how to act in emergency situations.

The BBK booth also contained information on the German federal government’s emergency information and news app, known as the NINA warning app. NINA sends users important civil-protection warnings for various hazards, such as the spread of hazardous substances or a major fire – including, as an option, for their current location. The NINA warning app is a faster, more efficient way for the relevant civil protection and disaster management authorities to keep the population safe. In addition to the warning function, the NINA warning app also provides basic information and emergency tips on potential hazard situations. A nationwide warning day is being planned for 10 September 2020, when warning mechanisms – from the NINA warning app, to sirens, to digital billboards and radio messages – will be tested right across Germany.