Workshop to create suggested criteria for fire-brigade UAVs

Saturday, 12 October | 9:30am – 1pm

Workshop Feuerwehr-Drohnen
Workshop Feuerwehr-Drohnen

Following the welcome speech by the vice president of the German Fire Brigade Association, Mr Lars Oschmann, the workshop started with a brief presentation on IEDO, the International Emergency Drone Organisation, of which the speaker is a member.

The workshop itself focused on the technical UAV criteria as part of the new executive order 2019/947 (taking effect in 06/2020). Together with the participants, proposals were drafted for the features of the ‘Special’ (Article 5) or ‘Requiring approval’ (Article 6) categories of future drones with minimum takeoff weight of 1 kg, as used by aid organisations, in order for these proposals to then be submitted to the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

The workshop was split into four sections, each co-ordinated by a specialist moderator.

  1. Radio links/Data protection
  2. Materials, hazard/risk management
  3. Suitability (vehicles, handling)
  4. Flight stability/behaviour