Saxony presented its services

TLF 4000

The FLORIAN saw the Landesfeuerwehr- und Katastrophenschutzschule Sachsen (Saxon State Fire Brigade and Disaster Management School, LFS) provide an overview of modern fire-brigade training in Saxony. Trade-fair attendees were given the opportunity to take an electronic quiz based on the preparatory test that aspiring crew leaders from the voluntary fire brigade must pass before completing the relevant LFS course. Meanwhile, children could make clip-on buttons at the booth.

TLF 4000: The pump water tenders have large water tanks with a capacity of 4,500 litres. The vehicles are equipped with a part-time four-wheel drive, allowing them to also be used on treacherous and sandy terrain. The vehicles have been fitted with an additional load to fight forest fires (including additional hoses and steel pipes), and are built on a MAN chassis with a 290 HP engine. They measure 7,170 mm in length, 2,500 mm in width (excluding side mirrors), and 3,300 mm in height.

Disaster management

The Saxon State Ministry of the Interior is in charge of equipping vehicles for the Saxon state disaster management service, and is responsible for procuring this equipment within its budget. The Saxon State Ministry of the Internet is currently procuring nine rescue vehicles (RV) for the ‘fire & rescue’ disaster management units, and ten pump water tenders (TLF 4000) for the ‘forest fire’ disaster management units set up in the districts of Bautzen and Görlitz. The total weight of both types of vehicles is 16 tonnes. The respective prototype vehicles, which will be stationed at the LFS for training purposes, were presented by the Saxon government at FLORIAN 2019.

RV: Rescue vehicles are used to provide technical aid, and are equipped with heavy hydraulic rescue equipment and platforms designed to rescue casualties in the event of serious car or truck accidents. They have elaborate lighting features to illuminate the accident scene. They are also equipped in such a way that they can quickly act as emergency power systems in specially designated buildings in the event of an emergency. They are built on a Scania chassis with a 320 HP engine. They measure 8,045 mm in length with hoist, 2,500 mm in width (excluding side mirrors), and 3,200 mm in height.

‘FwA 16/2’ fire-brigade app

The ‘FwA 16/2’ fire-brigade app, masterminded by the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Freiberg University of Mining and Technology) with the support of the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior, is constantly being improved. A dark mode has recently been developed, enabling light objects to be shown in dark colours and thus making the app more handy to use in dark environments. The dark interface can also be set to activate at a specific time of day. The map in the app, primarily showing hydrant locations, now supports ‘dynamic levels’. In addition to the Deutsche Bahn zone maps (already known from the last version), there is now also a ‘forest rescue points’ feature. Further features may follow in future. The new features also support dark mode. All map levels (the state of Saxony, forest rescue points, linked documents, hydrants etc.) can now be searched using a specific search function.

Du bist unsere Rettung’ volunteer campaign

The Saxon state government has been calling for more volunteers in fire protection, disaster management and emergency services since September 2018. With its motto of ‘You’re our saviours – emergency-response volunteers’, the campaign is not only aimed at encouraging more volunteer involvement, but also at employers, with a view to eliminating prejudices and concerns. It also seeks to show that the associations and organisations offer suitable and challenging work for anyone, regardless of age, education or experience. The campaign website provides a starting point for finding out about the associations and organisations offering volunteer work.

In order to give fire brigades, private aid organisations and any other interested parties easy access to information issued by the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior in relation to fire safety, emergency services and disaster management, two newsletters have been released this year as part of the campaign. Newsletter subscription options are available on the campaign website or directly via the business cards provided at the stand, using the relevant subscription QR code.